Your Profession, your island and your students/children need your voice.  Teachers from Guam’s High schools are coordinating a rally for all of Guam’s teachers to show they are united.
WHERE: Skinner’s Plaza Hagatna
WHEN: Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
The GEB has been actively refusing to negotiate in good faith with DOE Teachers’ negotiating team and have pursued breaking the law by attempting to unilaterally change teachers’ working condition.  Here are some of the changes they have already attempted to make.
HIGH – Extending teachers’ duty day to 9 hrs and adding an additional class to their teaching load without additional pay.
MIDDLE – Memos are going out to extend middle schools’ duty day to 9 hours as well.
ELEMENTARY – Principals are already attempting to get elementary school teachers to participate in a survey in order to attempt to justify this unilateral action.
PARENTS – Teachers’ working conditions are your children’s learning conditions. By making unilateral decisions about your child’s education without consulting the experts, your child’s teachers, only bad things can happen.  Show up and support your child’s education by supporting their teachers.
They attempt to justify this additional time by saying it will be used for professional development.  Do you believe this is a good use of your time?  Do you think this will improve the quality of education that students receive? Does DOE have a good track record of quality professional development that has helped you be a better teacher?  Do you think this is just an attempt to make teachers do a bunch of extra paper work?  
Speak up and tell the truth. All speakers will be welcome.
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