To our GFT member bus drivers, dock workers, nurses, teachers, school aides, fire fighters, police officers, support staff, custom officers, clerks, custodians, correctional officers, public workers and all other workers, thank you for being part of GFT, joining others to help you and stand next to you in times of need.   Since 1965, GFT has been advocating for workers’ rights and winning great contracts that protect workers from unfair treatment and ensures they have safe working conditions.  You have much to be proud of for being a GFT member and continuing our mission: to improve the quality of life for our members and their families through collective bargaining and legislative actions.  Although we have challenges with pending contracts and issues, the strength of our collective voices supporting what is right and just, will help achieve victory.  Remember, GFT is not just the President or the officers, not the staff or the office building, but it is all of YOU.  When thousands of voices speak, we will be heard!  Once again, Thank You and may you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!