CALVO: “Get rid of the current contract that only vests power in a select few union bosses who care little to nothing for the future of Guam’s children.”
Union Bosses:  Assuming that this refers to the President of GFT, the contract only grants the President the power to meet with the Superintendent, period.  
Care for the future:  This is just an out and out lie and insulting.  What has the Governor done for the future of our island’s children?  The union has fought for a better public education system for over 40 years.  We’ve fought for better healthcare and public safety nets.  We have fought to create decent jobs for our students so that they can earn enough to raise a family.  We have stood up to the rich and powerful that would sell our children’s future and birth right off to foreign corporations.  In fact the union has been the only organized voice for Guam’s Working Families.