Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s legislation prohibiting payroll deduction on union dues and requiring collective bargaining units to take annual votes to maintain union certification was found to be illegal and unconstitutional by Federal District Judge William Conley.  This is almost identical to what the Guam Education Board is attempting to do with the DOE Faculty and Support Staff bargaining units.  GEB member, Barry Mead, has repeatedly announced in the media of the board’s efforts in decertifying GFT as being the official union representative of DOE as well as encouraging members to cancel their payroll dues deductions.   Actions such as these of Governor Walker and the GEB are intended to weaken the union therefore weakening the collective voices of our working families.  For over 40 years GFT has saved jobs, protected members and helped our working families live a decent life.  Without the union, many of our public workers will be left in the dark.  The only way to stand up against these anti-union/family attacks is by growing the union and fighting together.  The workers in Wisconsin aren’t giving up so our workers in Guam shouldn’t give up either!  Read AFT President’s response and more on the article.