“We have less students now than we had 10 years ago.  If we need to clear a school out, we can rearrange and redistrict.  That’s the Board’s job to solve these problems and use that $4.5M a year to fix the schools,” stated President Matt Rector in an interview with Ray Gibson last week.  GovGuam has already implemented several cost-cutting measures hurting public workers and the services they provide.  Giving a private corporation $4.5M is not a bright idea when we need as much money coming into our island to improve our public structure.  Although the $4.5M is in the form of tax credits, it’s even worse than actually handing out money because there is very little accountability.  President Rector further explains, “The OPA has issued a number of reports on tax credits explaining how bad this is for the people of Guam…I think that money is better spent investing on the children of Guam and the people of Guam as opposed to investing into the profits of corporations.”  Listen to the complete interview here