CALVO: “All the major decisions governing the budget, staffing and even the curriculum of public schools is vested in the union by virtue of the contract the government entered with the GFT five years ago.”
Budget: If the union had the ability to set the budget it would be at $500M which would bring it up to the national average.  That would ensure that teachers have the text books, learning aids, computers and paper they need to educate our children.  It would give DOE enough money to properly maintain our schools so our children are safe.
Staffing:  The only staffing that has any significant impact is class size.  Study after study has proven that the student to teacher ratio is the number one factor affecting a child’s ability to learn, and we are quite proud to have been able to keep our class sizes reasonable.
Curriculum:  Teachers only have an advisory role on curriculum.  The Contract gives them a right to sit on committees to provide input but in no way do they have the power to set curriculum.  Teachers should have the right to have a say in what and how they teach.  Who knows better what their students need than their teacher?