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You’re invited to join the almost 3000 other professionals including teachers, firefighters, nurses, GWA workers, stevedores, engineers, police officers, custodians, bus drivers and more that make up GFT Guam’s local union.  As a member, you’ll be part of the only organization actively winning better salaries, better working conditions, better public schools and a better public structure for Guam.  Becoming a member gives you the power to be part of the solution, uniting together in advocating for family-friendly legislation.  While we have had great victories over the years, we still have a long way to go.  “I was a casual, at-will employee, with no benefits, of the Port (PAG) for over 3 years, but thanks to President Rector testifying before the legislature I am now a classified employee with sick leave, health insurance and retirement. Union power in politics made a huge difference for my family.”- Classified Port worker who completed their probationary period.  Join GFT today!

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