Try out these delicious recipes from some of your fellow union moms for this Mother’s Day!  Here are simple but tasty recipes for a Tofu with Oyster Sauce dish and a Pork & Potato Medley dish:

Tofu with Oyster
1 block of Tofu (medium to hard)    
1 can of sliced mushroom
1 cup of green onion
4 tbs. of Mama Sita Oyster Sauce
½ tsp. of ground black pepper
½ cup of oil
1 tbs. of olive oil
1 sheet of paper towel

Fry tofu in ½ cup of oil.  After frying, remove the excess oil using the paper towel, then set it aside.
Remove all the oil from the pan. Fry the sliced mushroom using one tbs. of olive oil, for about 4-5 minutes or until cooked.  

Add the fried tofu, add oyster sauce, and cook it for 4 minutes, stirring frequently to even the sauce.

Add the cup of green onions and ground pepper, cook for 2 minutes.

Pork & Potato Medley
1 lb. Pork    
2 potato, cut into 6 parts
1 onion, finely chopped
1 glove garlic, crushed
2 tbs.  of butter
1 can of tomato sauce
3 tbs. of lemon juice or kalamansi juice
4 tbs. of soysauce
1 tbs. of peppercorn

Mix all the ingredients in the pot, cook it until it’s almost dry.