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In regards to any Administrators requiring a Doctor’s note for being out sick, you may refer to the DOE Rules and Regulations as well as the Teacher’s CBA:  

DOE Rules and Regulation Policy stipulated in Ch. 10 Leave of Absence Par 910.200 Sick Leave, Sect 910.210 Physician's Certification of Incapacitation A. An employee who is absent in excess of three consecutive days because of illness, injury, quarantine, or to provide health care for a member of the employee’s immediate family, or for the full day immediately before or after a holiday, weekend, day-off or vacation, may be required to furnish a certification as to the incapacitation by a license physicians or furnish other administratively acceptable evidence.  Supervisors may require certification for such other periods of illness as deemed advisable. Supervisors shall apply reasonable judgment when requesting a doctor’s certification.

The CBA not in affect but in recognition of Good Faith to the respect of the Guam Code Annotated 4 GCA PUBLIC OFFICERS & EMPLOYEES
CH. 10 PUBLIC EMPLOYEE-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS ACT.  Our CBA Contract states under Article VII – Assignments, Transfers and Leave, Paragraph 7.C., Section 7.C.1.c If a teacher is absent of illness for four (4) or more consecutive days, the teacher may be required to furnish certification of such illness from a licensed physician.  Sick leave for less than four consecutive days shall not require a physician’s certification except for specific cases where a teacher’s pattern of sick leave indicates possible misuse of leave.  In the latter case, a principal may require such individual to provide a physician’s certification of illness if the principal has stated in writing to the individual that such certification will be subsequently required and has outlined in writing the pattern upon which this action is based.  If the certification required is not furnished, all absences, which would have been covered by such certification, shall be classified as absent without leave.

Please let us know if your Principal is violating the spirit of the contract.  Email

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