At the Guam Education Board meeting held on Tuesday, April 23rd, GFT Board representative, Frank Perez, asked for an update with the teachers’ and support staff collective bargaining agreement (CBA).  Perez explained the concerns teachers and support staff are having, working without a CBA and the climate of fear it poses on them at their schools.  The Board answered that they are waiting on a response from DOA.

The Board had asked for GFT President Tim Fedenko’s comments on the Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) that was filed by GFT on May 10, 2012.  DOE issued a memorandum to all high school administrators establishing changes in working hours for teachers effective SY2012-2013.  Under the Public Employee-Management Relations Act, it is an unfair labor practice to impose unilateral changes affecting wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment to an exclusively recognized bargaining unit.  President Fedenko responded that GFT will not withdraw the ULP filed.  The Board appeared to be reluctant to proceed with negotiations.  However, delaying the negotiation process due to a ULP that was filed is again another unfair labor practice.  GFT will continue to follow up on the teacher and support staff CBAs.  In the meantime, GFT would like to remind members that the spirit of the contract and Personnel Rules and Regulations must still be enforced at their schools.