KUAM News contacted GFT President Tim Fedenko regarding accusations made by a former GFT employee.  Mr. Fedenko explained to the KUAM News staff that these were false allegations from a disgruntled terminated employee and questioned the relevance of this to the public as this was a private matter.  Fedenko refused to comment and questioned if KUAM interviews all terminated employees.  The following are facts in response to these allegations.

Fact #1: The GFT Office was never open 24/7. It has always been open from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

Fact #2: GFT members have representation.  Union Stewards are the first point of contact for members when they need assistance.  Members have the following options should they need assistance outside of the office business hours:
–    Email any of the GFT staff
–    Create a 24/7 service ticket on the GFT website www.gftunion.com
–    Contact a field representative directly
*Contact information is posted on the GFT website www.gftuinon.com.   

Fact #3: Worksites without any Stewards are encouraged to have one.  Steward trainings are available for those interested in stepping up to this leadership role.  

Fact #4: Mr. Tim Fedenko does not have the sole authority to create job positions.  The Executive Council makes the final decisions on terminations and employee hires.  

Fact #5: Mr. Fedenko is a full time employee at Price Elementary School and uses his time outside of his full-time job for union work as a part-time President.  

Fact #6: Due to Mr. Fedenko’s limited hours as a GFT President, a decision was made by the Executive Council to hire an Executive Director.  The Executive Director position was not recently created. The position has been filled in past years.

Fact #7: Joleen Castro was first hired as a Field Representative then was promoted to the Executive Director position approved and authorized by the Executive Council.  Mrs. Castro has experience with contract negotiations for Continental Airlines and as a Staff Sergeant with the U.S Military Airforce.

Fact #8: The Executive Council made the decision and voted to terminate Debbie Quinata due to inappropriate behavior and intentional union property damage.  

Fact #9: There is no sick leave sharing policy in the GFT employee standard operating procedures.

Fact #10:  The GFT Union is not an insurance company.  GFT is an organization of working people who have come together to build power in bringing fairness and voice to their jobs, strengthen the institutions they work, raise the quality and adequacy of services they provide, and advance social and economic justice in their community.  Members do this by joining together in this organization and supporting issues and campaigns as a whole to advocate what is right in their jobs.  Union members should be empowered to make a difference in their jobs by speaking out when problems arise and creating solutions with their union leaders and with the administrative assistance from the employees of GFT.