We will be offering an ER&D course: Managing Anti-social Behavior for spring.  The course presents research on emotional and behavioral problems of students who consistently act out.  Participants will learn strategies to reduce and/or prevent disruptive or dangerous outbreaks from students.  Participants will receive 3 graduate credits from the University of San Diego and can be used towards their recertification.  Please register at the GFT Office by Wednesday, February 27, 2013.  View course schedule here


Instructor: John Tomac
Date: Mon. – Thurs.: March 4 – April 2, 2013; 4 – 6 pm
Please note that dates & times may change & some classes may also be on Saturdays
Please e-mail instructor at jstomac@doe.net if you have any questions.
Location: George Washington High School, Room D-107
Maximum Number of Students: Ten (10)
Cost: $450 for GFT members    $600 for Non-members