GFT representatives have constantly been following up on the status of the Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which has been expired since August 2011.   The Guam Education Board (GEB) had stated that they are waiting on a response from the Department of Administration (DOA).  Teachers are quite frustrated with the delay on their CBA which has created a climate of fear at the schools.  Delaying our teachers’ CBA is a delay on our children’s education.  We have teachers that can’t even get basic supplies to conduct their lessons.  Teachers have expressed concerns countless times on the status of their CBA, yet there is no progress from the GEB.  It would show much appreciation to our teachers if the GEB moves forward with negotiations pursuant to 4 GCA PEMRA Act.      

Barbara Janssen, Okkodo High School teacher, stated, “It's been so long since GDOE teachers have had a valid Collective Bargaining Agreement that working without one has become the “new normal”.  When the old contract expired, I believed the differences would soon be negotiated and that we would have a new contract before the extension had lapsed.  Going on two years later, I have lost faith.  I now believe that we are being stonewalled, that there is no intent to negotiate a new CBA.  Many aspects of our working conditions have been changed and new expectations have been added to our workload with no input from us–and we really have no recourse.  

On this Teacher Appreciation Week we don't want "happy talk" statements in the newspaper.  Show us the appreciation and respect by negotiating in good faith with our representatives and give us a new CBA!”