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President Tim Fedenko retracts a statement made in the GFT eUpdate Newsletter last February under his name as vice president in which he did not write or approve.


“As President, this responsibility is mine and would like to set the record straight. We now have procedures in place to assure this will not happen again.  Now I am retracting a statement that was made stating that ‘Guam’s legislature does control the Gross receipts tax but many of our biggest businesses like hotels, Pay-less and others have qualifying certificates that allow them to pay zero or just a fraction of what they should.’  I humbly apologize to Payless Supermarkets, its management and all of its employees. Payless does not nor ever did receive qualifying certificates they pay taxes now and always have. I encourage our members to continue shopping at payless and fully support their green project which I stand behind 100% and have been for many years. This campaign shows the company truly cares about our island.  Please accept my sincerest apologies.” – Tim Fedenko, GFT President

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