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Teachers and parent members are encouraged to log on the GFT website and support the Teachers’ collective bargaining agreement (CBA) by sending a petition letter to the Guam Education Board (GEB) members.  The GEB refused to resume negotiations for the Teachers’ CBA that expired since November 1, 2011.  GFT officers and representatives constantly asked the board the status on the CBA but the board’s response is that they are questioning the validity of GFT’s authority to represent teachers even though GFT was granted Exclusive Recognition since 1970.  Without a CBA to enforce, there is no protection for our teachers’ working conditions and our children’s learning conditions.  Stand up for your rights as a teacher and stand up for your child’s education by sending a letter to the GEB members today! Let the board know you want a Teachers’ CBA!  Send the email petition to the board here

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