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At the Guam Education Board (GEB) meeting held on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, collective bargaining was discussed by the board during their executive session.  The GEB had informed GFT board representative, Frank Perez, they will not entertain collective bargaining talks with GFT until the Department of Administration has confirmed that GFT is the legally authorized union representative for teachers and support staff.  GFT is working with the American Federation of Teachers in addressing this issue.  

At this time, we urge members to start calling Government officials and let them know you want negotiations to resume for teachers and the contract signed for support staff.  Several members are already experiencing changes at their schools that violate the spirit of the contract.  Classroom sizes, seniority, and sick leave certification are just a few of the many issues protected in the contract.  If you don’t speak out, then these violations will not be addressed.  Stand up for your rights and for Guam’s children and call your Government officials.

Guam Education Board: 300-1627
Speaker Judith Won Pat: 472-3586/7/8
Office of the Governor: 472-8931    

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