Rotary of Guam is looking for a team, preferably 2 teachers, to develop a video/audio curriculum to teach English to kids in the outer islands of Chuuk State.  If the team can identify the various programs/tapes/DVDs that, if presented in sequence, will give the kids a basic understanding of English, then the Rotary of Guam will provide funding to procure the program.  The curriculum elements will be digitized and used in small digital projectors with speakers and used to educate kids in really remote locations.  $5,000.00 will be paid for the curriculum and the location of the source material for about 90 hours of instruction.

Once the curriculum has been established, downloaded and digitized, the team will be sent to the outer island where it is to be presented. The team will spend several days teaching the teacher in the proper use of the equipment and the curriculum.  Interested teachers must contact the GFT office at 735-4390 or email immediately, no later than Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

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