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To calculate movement in steps, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Find your gross pay per paycheck prior to 02/08/14 (example: Mrs. Sanchez looks at a paycheck from January 2014 and notices she made $1,878.73 gross per check)

Step 2: Multiply the gross amount by your number of pay periods (either 21 or 26) to find your annual salary (Mrs. Sanchez has 26 pay periods so she multiplies $1,878.73 x 26 which equals $48,847.00. So, Mrs. Sanchez made $48,847.00 per year.)

Step 3: Look on the old salary schedule and locate your grade and scale using your annual salary. (Mrs. Sanchez looks on the sheet and locates $48,847.00. She is a Teacher 4 at Step 11)

Step 4: Now, take your location on the old schedule and find the corresponding box on the new Competitive Wage Act salary schedule. (Mrs. Sanchez finds Teacher 4 – Step 11 on the new salary schedule. She notices an important difference: according to the new schedule she should be making $54,900.00 annually.

Step 5: IMPORTANT Take you gross salary from a paycheck stub received after the implementation of the Competitive Wage Act and multiply it by your total number of pay periods. (Mrs. Sanchez looks at her newest paycheck stub and multiplies $1922.65 x 26 which equals $49,989.00)

Step 6: Take the amount calculated in Step 5 and locate your new step and grade on the Competitive Wage Act salary schedule. (Mrs. Sanchez takes her calculation and finds $49,989.00 on the new salary schedule. She notices that she is now T-4 – Step 8, a decrease of 3 steps. In essence, she has been demoted. Now she's mad and is going to organize her colleagues who have also been adversely affected. Together they are going to file a grievance.

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