Thank you to all the members who were able to show up at the Guam Education Board meeting last night at Upi Elementary school!  During the public participation segment, GFT President, Tim Fedenko, and GFT Treasurer, James Lujan, spoke on the importance of moving forward with the DOE support staff contract.  The board acknowledged and noted their points.   Before the meeting was adjourned, GFT Board-Union representative, Doris Terlaje, presented to the board the negotiated support staff contract signed by GFT and the Board, as well as minutes from the board meeting in September 2010 approving the contract.  Doris stated that the contract had been signed and approved and urged the board to move forward.  Dr. Jose Cruz, chairman of the board, acknowledged that Doris provided important documents that the board will need to review.  Dr. Cruz stated the support staff contract will be addressed at their next Executive Session.