An employee and GFT member at Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH), was terminated in 2011 and fought through the adverse action appeal with representation by GFT.  After three long years of battling through the process, the Supreme Court of Guam ruled in favor of the judgment made by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) that the employee’s termination be modified to a 30 day suspension.  The employee is now reinstated to GMH and is entitled to back pay from October 2011 to present!  

This is a significant case for Government of Guam employees because the Court recognized that the CSC is empowered to modify actions of administrators imposed upon its employees.  In addition, the Court recognized that administrators must utilize progressive discipline in regards to adverse actions.

It was through the continued support from GFT and its national affiliate AFT that the employee was fully represented in the case that set precedence with a “new law” recognizing progressive discipline and adjustments to adverse actions on Government employees.