Over the past three years, GFT has made continuous efforts to get back to the bargaining table with DOE for the teachers’ collective bargaining agreement. Board meeting after board meeting, GFT members and representatives have continuously demanded to resume negotiations. GFT has also sent letters requesting to resume negotiations, but the Guam Education Board continues to pose unnecessary conditions that violate the employees’ rights set in the PEMRA law.

The board has asked the DOA for proof of GFT’s exclusive recognition, disregarding the fact that for over 48 years our union has successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements with DOE. Now, the DOE is making unilateral changes to working conditions without input from GFT. To make matters worse, the board has erroneously questioned the validity of GFT’s exclusive recognition by misrepresenting the PEMRA requirements to recognize GFT as the exclusive representative of public employees, the GDOE of teachers.

It is evident that the board refuses to make a collaborative effort with GFT in negotiating a collective bargaining agreement that will protect the working conditions of our teachers and the learning conditions of our children. Teachers feel disrespected and frustrated by the board’s lack of cooperation and willingness to obey the law and honor their rights to a collective bargaining agreement. DOE’s continued violations of the PEMRA law have left GFT no other choice but to file an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the DOE. GFT will continue to hold the DOE accountable by ensuring this Unfair Labor Practice charge is addressed and that justice and fairness is brought to the hard working teachers that deserve to be treated like the professionals they are.

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