GFT met with the staff of Speaker Won Pat’s office to discuss changes made to Bill 420 regarding educator professional conduct. There have been changes made using the recommendations presented by GFT President, Tim Fedenko.  One of the changes is to remove the phrase “But not limited to” which eliminates many problems that can occur with such broad language initially included in the bill.  The revised bill will now be forwarded to the Legislative Committee on Education, Public libraries and Women’s Affairs for review and consideration as to whether or not to report the bill out for discussion and voting by the Legislature.  

You may review the revised bill here. We encourage all those affected by this bill to contact the Senators on the Committee if you have any comments.  The committee members include: Speaker Won Pat, Chair; Senator Aline Yamashita, Vice-Chair; Senator Frank Aguon, Senator Tina Muna Barnes, Senator Rory Respicio, Senator Michael San Nicolas, Senator Dennis Rodriquez and Senator Tony Ada.  The proposed bill affects all who hold a certification whether you are teaching or not and whether you are a teacher or administrator.