Thanks to our members, Bill 420-32 regarding Standards for Professional Conduct for Guam’s Educators has been withdrawn for review.  Members spoke at the public hearing last week on Bill 420-32 and expressed their concerns.  GFT Vice President, Sanjay Sharma, pointed out several problems with the bill.  Sharma described the overreaching authority to the Guam Commission for Education Certification in which the Courts and the Civil Service Commission already hold.  Sharma also described the broad language in the bill defining misconduct that can cause serious harm to an educator’s career.  

GFT is seeking to actively participate with the review of the bill.  We encourage educators to provide their input by contacting Frank Torres or Victoria Leon Guerrero at the Speaker’s office #472-3586/7/8.  

View President Fedenko’s testimony here  

View Vice President Sharma’s testimony here

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