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GFT has partnered with local company, Micronesia Renewable Energy, Inc. to provide GFT members and their families a very special offer.  With zero upfront cost to you, the homeowner, Micronesia Renewable Energy, Inc. will install a solar energy system on your roof to eliminate your power bills to GPA.  You’ll only receive an $11.33 service fee per month from GPA.  A percentage of what you were paying for power to GPA will go to pay for the system allowing you to save money from day one.  Furthermore, as power rates continue to increase, your monthly solar energy system payment stays flat, hedging your utility costs forever.  At the end of the lease term the system is yours and with a 30 year warranty on the solar panels, your system will continue to produce free power for decades to come.

The lease term is dependent on your credit score, but this isn’t a loan; it will not affect your credit.  For example, if you decided to apply for a car loan your solar energy system lease will not show up on your credit report.

If you’re not a homeowner, no problem!  You can extend this special offer to family members who are homeowners.

Call 632-2613 for information on how to get started.  Say you’re a GFT member and receive $100.00 in free gas.  Conditions apply.

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