In November 2012, the collective bargaining agreement between GFT and the Port Authority management was ratified and signed by the Acting General Manager of the Port, GFT President and the Port Chairman of the Board.  The CBA would then proceed to the Governor for final approval.  We have yet to receive a signed and effective CBA as it is being held back by the current General Manager, Joanne Brown.  In December 2013, Brown did not agree with the already ratified language indicating an 8 hour work week even though the CBA was negotiated, ratified and signed by both parties and is in line with the Personnel Rules and Regulations of the Port and Public Law indicating the 8 hour work week.    

GFT Executive Director, Joleen Castro, spoke on behalf of the Port GFT members at the Port Board meeting on Wednesday, June 25th and asked for status on the CBA.  Brown stated that her position remains the same and accuses GFT of not responding to her concerns.  However, GFT had responded in December 2013 explaining that the CBA language has already been ratified and agreed by both parties.  Surprisingly, the Port’s legal counsel, Attorney Mike Phillips stated the CBA has been sent to the Governor’s office.  Castro asked for clarity on their contradicting statements.  Brown then explained that she will not entertain the CBA and she will recommend to the Governor not to sign the agreement.  

This is an injustice to the workers of the Port who are experiencing several issues that could be prevented had there been an effective CBA.  It is our next step to identify where the CBA is located so that we can move forward with the official signature of the Governor.