The GFT Port collective bargaining agreement (CBA) states in Article 2.J. "Shift workers will work a minimum of eight (8) hours a day, five (5) days a week. The Port will provide shift workers with schedules for two (2) week periods, and will do so two (2) weeks ahead of the start of that schedule. The Port will set shift workers' regular schedules to reflect workdays/nights of Monday through Friday."

Port General Manager, Joanne Brown, refuses to process the GFT CBA that was ratified by the Port, Port employees, and Attorney General because she doesn't agree with this provision and will recommend to the Governor not to sign the agreement. However this specific provision is in line with the government rules and regulations.

Brown insists that this provision will be too costly for the Port because of the overtime hours but shipping vessels are already charged additional costs to pay overtime for the employees beyond 5pm according to the port tariff.  Currently, the port workers aren't receiving the appropriate overtime pay because their work hours have been scheduled to evade overtime hours so there is no reason why the ratified CBA should not be forwarded to the Governor’s office for final signature.