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The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the Port Authority of Guam employees has yet to be signed by the Governor as it is in the hands of Port General Manager, Joanne Brown.  Brown stated at a recent special Board meeting that she has concerns with the language that indicated the work week to begin from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, where she claims there is less actual physical work being done.  Board member, Christine Baleto, added that this has caused the Port millions of dollars in overtime.  However, GFT does not agree with this as the Port Tariff clearly indicates the Working Day for the Port of Guam as being from Monday through Friday from 8am through 5pm and any vessels that arrive beyond this time must pay overtime hourly charges for each employee.  There should be no extra uncompensated labor charges.  Refer to Section II General Rules & Regulations and Section VI Labor, Equipment & Other Charges Tariff.  GFT has requested from the Port to see all records indicating the millions in overtime costs as claimed.     

The most important issue that must be recognized is the fact that the CBA was ratified and approved by the Port Board Director and management in November 2012.  Regardless of new management, the Agency has a legal obligation to follow the CBA process as indicated under the Public Employee Management Relations Act.  Instead, Brown is directing to change terms that have already been agreed upon.  GFT does not believe the position by the Port management is legally justified.

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