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Port members have been waiting for their collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to be finalized and enforced since its ratification and approval by GFT members and the Port Authority Board of Directors in 2012. The CBA should have been forwarded to the Governor for signature but Joanne Brown, Port Authority General Manager, held the CBA process and gave unclear answers as to whether or not it was given to the Attorney General for review. Brown continues to disagree with a particular provision in the CBA regarding the work day, even though the Port Authority Board of Directors signed and approved it. The provision simply defines what is stated in the Port Rules and Regulations, Port Tariff and the Port Payroll policy. Members are bothered as to why Brown would not want to follow what is written in law and what has been signed and agreed upon by both parties.

Our members want to be treated with respect and want to have a voice in their jobs as it is their right through the Public Employee Management Relations Act (PEMRA), to be a part of the implementation of the policies and procedures that affect their working conditions. Brown's actions do not follow the PEMRA Law and disregards the integrity of her employees.

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