Tonight, almost 200 GFT members were present at the DOE Board meeting supporting their union and the Teachers’ and Support Staff contract. Teachers, support staff and community supporters spoke during the Public Participation segment of the meeting and reminded the board of the importance of collective bargaining. Teachers told their stories and urged the board to give them the respect they deserve by getting back to the bargaining table. Board member Peter Alecxis Ada motioned to suspend the remainder of the agenda and proceed to Executive Session to make a decision on the contract for the teachers. Board member Ronald Aye seconded the motion. Upon returning from Executive Session, the Board unanimously passed a motion to finally return to the bargaining table with GFT and negotiate the teachers’ contract. The Board expressed their support and commitment to working together to get a contract in place that not only protects our teachers but most importantly the education of our children. The power of the GFT union truly shone tonight as everyone came together as one. Members must continue this drive and get their thousand voices heard!