Thanks to the hard work of our Port employees, residence can expect to see fully stocked shelves at stores throughout the island this weekend.  It took thirty straight hours of carefully unloading all cargo out of the containers.  This was eight hours ahead of schedule.  Under conditions of emergency or hazard, such as the spider infestation, the workers of the Port get the job done.  

In 2008, Port workers were granted exclusive recognition to unionize under GFT because they wanted to ensure their working conditions were protected and they were treated fairly and equitably in their jobs.  As close as it is in finally obtaining their first collective bargaining agreement that was signed and ratified by the Port Authority Board of Directors and GFT, the current General Manager, Joanne Brown, has yet to forward the agreement to the Attorney General then to the Governor for appropriate action and final signatures.  The matter is currently under advisement in the Court as we wait on the Judge’s decision to implement the Writ filed by GFT ordering Brown to forward the collective bargaining agreement last month.  GFT hopes for a favorable decision so that our workers can finally achieve the protection they deserve.