GFT members attended the Public Hearing on Bill 209, an amendment to Public Law 236 on professional educator conduct, and provided input on the Bill.  Members supported the amendments as it clarified any vague language in the law.  However, members asked the committee to eliminate the phrase “but not limited to” in the section on immoral behavior.  Members also asked to include language stating, “These Rules shall apply to Public Educators only after a Final Adverse Action has been taken against a Public Educator, and the Adverse Action Procedures and Rights appertaining thereto have been completed or the time period within which they are to take place or be exercised have expired.”  
With the inclusion of these two points, the careers of thousands of Guam educators in our public schools will not be endangered in the event of mistaken actions.  The legislative committee seemed receptive to the suggestions.  Senator Nerissa Underwood, who is the Chairperson for the committee, is still accepting public testimony.  Those interested in submitting a testimony may contact Senator Underwood’s office at 969-0973.