GFT representative and member of the DOE Joint Board-Union Textbook & Curriculum Committee, Melissa Duenas, presented GFT’s position on Bill 47-33 establishing a Financial Education Curriculum within DOE.  While establishing this curriculum is beneficial to our students, a committee already exists within DOE that focuses on considering, introducing, modifying or revising curriculum.  DOE Deputy Superintendent, Robert Malay, also expressed that there are mechanisms in place that cover this matter and classes taught that include the subject area of concern.  However, GFT and DOE agree that there is always room for improvement with the current curriculum.  GFT respectfully recommends that the well-placed concerns of the Bill are better addressed in the form of a Letter or Memorandum to the Chairman of the Guam Education Board and the Superintendent of Education for appropriate action on the proposed Subject Curriculum.  Senators present at the hearing acknowledged the testimonies and were glad to receive input.  The Bill will remain in the legislative committee until further discussion and input is received from all stakeholders.