Joanne Brown, in her capacity as the General Manager of the Port Authority, was ordered on Wednesday by the Court to forward the GFT Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to the Attorney General’s Office for review and appropriate action.  The GFT has worked to administratively have the CBA processed after it was signed and ratified by the Port Board and the GFT in 2012.  However, no action has been taken by the Port to forward the CBA to the Attorney General and Governor Calvo for his signature.  


The GFT believed it had no alternative in fulfilling its Mission and Obligation of Protecting and Promoting the Rights and Welfare of the Port Workers but to obtain a Court Order to force Brown to do what she was supposed to have done a long time ago.  If Brown does not follow the Court Order, then she will need to appear in Court on January 26, 2015 and explain why she has not done so.