On November of last year, GFT representatives reached out to Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo regarding issues at the Port Authority of Guam. Representatives explained the status of the GFT – Port Collective Bargaining Agreement and that it has been signed and ratified by the Port Authority Board of Directors and GFT membership since 2012 but has not been forwarded to the Attorney General for review and signature. Representatives also explained the poor working conditions of damaged equipment as well as the evading of overtime pay to the employees. 
"And, as we continue to find ways to invest and upgrade our port infrastructure we must also be mindful of providing good working conditions and fair working rules for our port employees. Our port employees are the backbone of what makes our port work and they are our lifeline to a strong economy on Guam so we must provide them with a way to sustain our economy,” stated the Congresswoman at last month’s Dedication and Ribbon Cutting of the Port Expansion Project. At her next visit back to the Island, Congresswoman Bordallo will be meeting with Port General Manager Joanne Brown to discuss the current Port operations and will bring up the concern of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.