In 2015, the Guam Education Board members and GFT President Tim Fedenko met with Vince Leon Guerrero, Governor Calvo’s Chief Education Advisor.  They discussed the need to revise the DOE SY2015-2016 calendar for FESTPAC.  Fedenko expressed his concern of banking days to adjust the calendar.  Fedenko agreed to revisions WITHOUT banking days in order to accommodate FESTPAC and support the Arts.  Unfortunately, the approved SY2015-2016 calendar did not address GFT’s concern.  
An Elementary teacher work day will be 4,648 minutes (77.47 hours) more than what their work day would be with the original calendar.  The revised calendar adds 28 instructional minutes AND 7 additional professional development days at the end of the school year.  This takes away time from teachers to work after school programs, part-time jobs and take care of their families.  The Guam Education Board and Governor’s Office agreed to meet with GFT and revisit the issue in March of this year.  GFT members hope for a fair solution.