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GFT representatives met with Senator Tom Ada this week regarding the confirmation hearings for the Port Authority Board of Directors positions.  GFT requested that Senator Ada make inquiries to these nominees of their position on the unpaid wages for the stevedores and the status on the GFT – Port Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The work day is clearly defined as being eight hours under the Port Rules and Regulations PL30-43.  Any work performed in excess of eight hours in a day or in excess of forty (40) hours in a workweek should be compensated as overtime, according to the Port Payroll policy 04-88.  Unfortunately, the Port continues to schedule ten (10) hour work day shifts with no overtime compensation for the hours worked beyond the eight hours as stated in the policy.  
In addition, a fully negotiated agreement has been made between GFT and the Port Authority since 2012.  However, the Port’s current management refuses to forward the agreement to the Governor for signature.  These issues affecting the stevedores and the rest of the GFT members of the Port Authority continue to be left unresolved by the Port’s management.  GFT members deserve to know the position these nominees take in addressing these issues and will continue to stand for what they believe is right.    

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