After six long years, the GFT – GDOE Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has been signed and approved by Governor Eddie Calvo.  The CBA covers several areas affecting the working conditions of our public school teachers, but most importantly improving the learning conditions of our students.
“I’m excited that the Governor has signed off on our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Even though GFT, the management team of GDOE, and the Guam Education Board have worked harmoniously during the absence of a CBA, having a CBA in place reaffirms our commitment to the students of Guam,” said Sanjay Sharma, GFT President/JFK High School Teacher.
“I am thankful the Governor approved and signed the Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement protecting our teacher working conditions.  The CBA is as good as those who enforce it.  I encourage teachers to stand up and continue protecting their rights by ensuring the CBA is followed,” said Timothy Fedenko, GFT Vice-President/Price Elementary School Teacher.
“It is a great day to be a union member.  After the contract lapsed and negotiations stalled, it seemed a bit grim.  I am thankful to the management team that negotiated with our GFT team, the support from the Guam Education Board and mostly to the members who have stuck by patiently waiting,” said Audrey Perez, GDOE Union Chair/Simon Sanchez High School Teacher.
“This is a very exciting accomplisment for both the GFT and the Guam Department of Education!  I am extremely pleased with the process and that the contract is finally in place to help ensure employee rights and teacher accountability.  The CBA signifies a long awaited collaborative guide for educators to follow, which was acknowledged and approved upon by parties involved who have a hand in the education of our students. Now comes the execution of this agreement and ensuring that all who have agreed upon, negotiated, acknowledged, and approved this CBA actually follow it,” said Leilani Guerrero, Astumbo Middle School Union Steward/Teacher.
Teachers may obtain a copy of the signed Collective Bargaining Agreement from their Union Steward or by contacting the GFT Office at 735-4390.