GFT members and stewards have reached out to DOE Superintendent, Jon Fernandez, and the Guam Education Board in getting the BRIP (Bonus, Rewards, and Incentives Program) payment made that have been owed to teachers for several years now.  GFT Steward and Board-Union representative, Frank Perez, brought up the issue during the GEB meeting in March then later submitted documents to the Superintendent.  


At the following GEB meeting in April, GFT Steward, Shannon Seleen provided testimony regarding the owed BRIP pay.  Guam Education Board member, James Lujan, then motioned for the GEB to acknowledge the BRIP Pay owed to teachers and refer the matter to their finance committee for review and research to order the pay.  The motion was approved. The GEB will be addressing this matter upon submission of documents of all affected teachers from Fernandez.  


All teachers owed the BRIP pay should email or contact the GFT Office at 735-4390 to ensure their documents are submitted to DOE.