Our public school teachers have much to be thankful for after waiting six long years for a signed collective bargaining agreement (CBA)! The agreement includes several items that clarifies and addresses concerns from teachers and administrators. Lesson plans, prep periods, seniority, instructional day, teaching load, curriculum resources and classroom sizes are just a few items covered in the CBA. The next step in implementing the CBA is getting training material in place for teachers and administrators.  
“I am very excited about the very swift signing of the CBA by the Governor. It is a testimony to the harmonious collaboration between GEB and GFT to define the rights and protections for teachers. The ultimate beneficiaries are students,” said Kenneth Murphy, JFK High School Teacher/Union Steward 
Teachers may obtain a copy of the signed Collective Bargaining Agreement from their Union Steward or by contacting the GFT Office at 735-4390. A digital copy is also available here