The negotiations for the GFT – GDOE Teachers Collective Bargaining Agreement has been completed.  Both the GFT membership and the Guam Education Board must ratify the agreement before submitting to the Attorney General’s Office then Governor for final signature.  
Ratification Voting will be on Monday, February 27, 2017 from 4 – 7pm.  Location TBD. Members must bring their membership card and/or a valid ID in order to vote.  
GFT Negotiation Team
Tim Fedenko
Sanjay Sharma
Audrey Perez
Doris Terlaje
Dr. Josephine Cruz
Stephen Willman
Additional GFT Negotiation Team members – Special Areas
Betty Diaz
Craig Matthews
Rebecca North
Anna Palacios
Melanie Nesmith
Shannon Seleen
Franklin Perez
Bernice Cepeda
Patrica Leon Guerrero
Michelle Camacho
Leilani Guerrero