Being a member of GFT is job insurance.  When an employee gets blamed for unfortunate events occurring at work, GFT will advocate for a fair representation throughout the entire process.  GFT holds Exclusive Recognition for many agencies throughout the Government of Guam.  This means that most Government of Guam employees can become members to take advantage of our $1M liability and legal reimbursement coverage.
However, GFT is more than that.  GFT is the only organization that fights for laws to improve your working conditions.  Issues such as pay raises, updating workers’ compensation, and receiving due process in a timely manner require changes in law.  Being a member of GFT gives you more strength and more voice in laws that affect you.  
Not being a member of GFT reduces our ability to fairly represent employees in court and further diminishes your voice in changing laws that matter to you.  “I became a union member because of my working environment.  I wanted to make it better for everyone else not just me.” – Angela Yoshida, Port Authority of Guam Union Steward.  
Sign up for membership today!  Please see your site union steward or call 735-4390.