Remarkable as it is, now that details of the Republican’s conference agreement on the tax bill are out, the GOP has managed to make a bad bill even worse. “People in the top tax bracket are now getting even more money,” AFT President Randi Weingarten says. “Corporations got the alternative minimum tax tossed. But middle-class families are left with a state and local tax ‘deal’ that’s still going to raise their taxes while cutting important local services like public schools, police and firefighting.” Our fight against the bill has made a difference, however, with the new agreement dropping things like a tax on graduate students’ tuition benefits, and maintaining provisions like the educator tax credit for buying supplies and allowing the deduction of interest on student loans. It looks like the House and Senate will both vote on the conference agreement next week, so there’s still time to tell your representatives to vote no. The Republicans can’t afford to lose many more votes.