The GDOE Superintendent, Jon Fernandez, informed GFT earlier this week that he has decided not to move forward with the proposal to amend the reclassification section of the personnel rules and regulations. Fernandez stated, “the testimony of numerous teachers is that, not only would the change negatively impact the earnings of teachers, but also that it would be detrimental to the department’s efforts to support and retain teachers.” There will be no further action on this matter.

“United We Stand! Together We Win! The teaching profession is one that requires respect and appreciation, for it is a fact that each person who goes through an education is influenced by teachers. This is a truth no matter who they become. Teachers educate and mold students to become independent and productive citizens. A task that carries high expectations and demands of the profession from society.

As educators, we must always be vigilant about the demands and how our livelihoods will be affected. We always give more of ourselves and worth in comparison to our compensation.

In our unity and networking of testimonials in the Public Hearing, written submissions, and petitions; we were able to send a message that we will not be silent to proposed actions that will jeopardize our livelihoods after many sacrifices.” – Doris Terlaje, GFT – GDOE union chair