GFT union chair for the GDOE Teachers unit, Doris Terlaje, testified against the proposed amendment on reclassification at the Guam Education Board meeting held on Tuesday. The GDOE proposed amendment to the Personnel Rules and Regulations section 904.701 Reclassification of Teachers will make teacher classification based on availability of funds, reduce the application period from twice to once a year and require at least an effective rating on the applicant’s evaluation.

Terlaje expressed the sacrifices made when teachers further their education for reclassification, such as the time spent away from family and the costly expenses of taking classes. Terlaje stated, “I do not understand the rationale and logic in the amendment only to see it as demoralizing and a setback for teachers. This proposed amendment will only add to the difficulty because in the end the teacher will be stuck with another bill to pay and the subject to availability of funds may take years for the department to pay out to the teacher.”

Terlaje urged the Guam Education Board to renounce the proposed amendment. In addition to Terlaje’s testimony, Terlaje submitted a petition with signatures from teachers in various schools all opposing the amendment. GDOE will be accepting written testimony until Monday, May 28, 2018.