GFT celebrates 53 years since its charter on April 3, 1965!  GFT has come a long way from starting as a teachers only union to representing the entire government of Guam employees.  GFT currently has exclusive union recognition for GDOE teachers and support staff, GMHA nurses, DPW bus drivers, DPHSS eligibility specialists, GCC support staff, UOG support staff, GWA employees, Port Authority maintenance and terminal employees, GFD firefighters and fire specialists and ALUTIIQ – DODEA bus drivers and support staff. Petitions for exclusive recognition have been submitted for GPD police officers, Customs and Quarantine officers and Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness psychiatric technicians and nurses.

GFT’s very first teachers’ contract was negotiated in 1970.  GFT’s first negotiation team members included founding members, Robert “Bob” Klitzkie, James “Bob” Doak, Robert “Bob” Wade, Robert “Bob” Coble, Louis Cortes, Conrad Stinson, Robert “Bob” Hartsock and Tom Baty.