Bill 303-34, introduced by Senator Michael F.Q. San Nicolas, removed provisions in the law that are currently prohibiting our law enforcement officers from being represented by employee organizations. Senator San Nicolas stated during the public hearing of the bill, “This [bill] will be a huge help for our law enforcement officers to be able to make sure that those who are really manning the stations and other boots on the ground, they’re all going to be able to have the working conditions and the tools and resources necessary for them to most effectively do their jobs.”

This Bill does not automatically select GFT as the organization to represent police officers or any other related field. Rather, this Bill allows the employees their fundamental rights to organize into a union if they choose to belong to a union. President Sharma stated, “Police officers, first responders and recovery workers put their lives on the line in times of emergencies. We need to be there for them. GFT stands with our officers to ensure proper due process at the work place.”