GFT member officers of Guam Customs and Quarantine will be filing a grievance seeking Hazardous Duty Pay retroactive to December 15, 2016. According to 4 GCA § 6225, all sworn Officers of Customs and Quarantine Agency has been identified as Hazardous duty positions and upon exposure, shall be entitled to the ten percent (10%) hazardous duty pay differential. Last April of 2017, the Guam Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (DOL-OSHA) re-certified as hazardous for all Customs and Quarantine Officers because hazardous conditions remain constant. Guam Customs Officers have yet to receive their retroactive hazardous pay despite  the Hazardous pay being granted to all Guam Customs Officers by law and re-certified as a hazardous position by Guam DOL-OSHA. GFT members of Customs and Quarantine have stepped up in taking action by filing a grievance under the representation of GFT Field Representative, Robert Koss. Documents will be available next week for other officer members in the agency that would like to be included in the grievance.