After careful review and due consideration, the GFT Committee on Political Education (COPE) is proud to announce its endorsement for Senator Michael F.Q. San Nicolas for Congress. The GFT COPE believes Senator Michael San Nicolas will best represent the people of Guam in the U.S. House of Representatives. The GFT COPE is confident he will continue providing real solutions that will improve the lives of Guam’s working families.

• Senator Michael San Nicolas sponsored the public law providing hundreds of law enforcement officers the opportunity to improve their working conditions through negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

• In 6 years, Senator Michael San Nicolas passed 28 public laws. Brooks only passed 4 bills in her years of service as a senator.

• Senator Michael San Nicolas co-sponsored the public law that revamped the GovGuam retirement system allowing two new retirement options for employees, saving thousands of employees close to retirement from a financially uncertain future.

The GFT COPE was established to promote and strive for improvement of education and public service by encouraging and stimulating members to take a more active part in elections and government affairs affecting education and public service.