GFT members have a great opportunity to receive life insurance, retirement and supplemental medical income benefits from United Financial Services. Open enrollment for members begins on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 to Thursday, January 25, 2018 at the GFT Office from 11:30am – 6pm. For more information, members may contact the GFT office at 735-4390 or email

Financial Benefits:
• Tax Free Life Insurance until age 120
• Members may list as many beneficiaries as he or she would like
• Tax Free Retirement income for life
• NO FEES OR Penalties for withdrawing retirement funds. Member does not need to disclose reasons for withdrawing funds.
• Waiver of charges. This means, if you become disabled, your program will be free until time of his or her passing.
• Supplemental Medical Income. You will be provided Tax Free income if you suffer a heart attack, stroke, cancer, disability, ER hospitalization, loss of limb(s), organ transplant, surgeries and diabetic complications.
• Fixed bi-weekly investment that does not change as employee grows older.
• Ability to provide the same package/benefits for loved ones such as spouse, and/or children or grandchildren.
• Free medical check-up with the results sent back to the GFT member.