As a result of GFT and GDOE meetings regarding nursing concerns, Lieutenant Governor Tenorio and the Department of Health and Human Services Leadership discussed the follow changes regarding GDOE School Health Counselors who are nine month employees:

  • Lt. Governor Tenorio mentioned that their legal team is in communication with GDOE’s legal team to address the current GFT contract that is in effect
  • Both superintendent and LT Gov honor the existing GFT contract
  • Lt. Governor stated that if DPHSS would need SHC support during Thanksgiving or Christmas break, it should be on voluntary basis for the SHC to continue support DPHSS during their off time (the same like during the summer where DPHSS paid the employees)

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez also stated that he would like all employees (nurses and social workers) to return to their respective schools prior to the start of face to face instruction. More information regarding that will be forthcoming from GDOE.

GFT is very pleased that the GFT-GDOE Teachers Contract, which includes School Health Counselors, will be honored accordingly. While there are still outstanding issues, it is a step in the right direction. GFT will continue to monitor nursing conditions within the Government of Guam until they are resolved.

GMHA Nurse contract negotiations will resume in the coming weeks. Stand united nurses! You are in high demand and our island is indebted to you for your services, not just because of the pandemic. GFT is very proud of all of our nurses and grateful for all you’ve done.

All nurses are encouraged to continue to communicate concerns with GFT as they arise.